Company info

Head Office Sanjo city, Niigata pref., JAPAN.
Branch Office/Factory Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima
Tel +81-256-34-4441
Fax +81-256-34-1168
Web site
President Manabu Iwafuchi
Established 1963
Capital JPY 95,000,000-
Employee 320


Plastic Molds, Others

Category of Use

Automotive, Aerospace, Industry, Consumer

End Product

Plastic Injection/compression Mold


Kyowa has been focusing on developing new technologies and new molding methods. We work with customers' different requests to do things such as reduce part weight in thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics using new molding or manufacturing methods. We provide tryout machines for injection and compression, up to 4,000/4,200ton. Kyowa can support customers' development in many different ways with quality products made with innovative techniques. We have capacity to build from small/precision tool up to ultra-large size such as 150ton mold weight. We have oversea divisions in USA, Thailand, China and partner ship companies in the world for manufacturing and maintenance.

Dealing Results

2500L capacity container (tool weight 115 metric ton CFRP tool for automotive)

automotive、appliance、house products、container/pallet

oversea division and partners

exterior parts for automotive(cfrp,smc)

Heaviest & Largest injection tool in the world (215ton) made by Kyowa for use in Europe.

Kyowa is the tooling supplier for an award-winning lift gate/back door mold.

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