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Japan Die and Mold Industry Association
Developing activities with our theme “KANAGATA(Die & Mold) JAPAN BRAND”.

In 1957, we established “Japan Die and Mold Manufacturers Association” mainly organized by die and mold manufacturers, to aim at popularization of die and mold and standardization of its technology. Since then, the association has played a vital role in Japan's high economic growth as a supporting industrial group of processing and fabrication industries.

Recently, we achieved high precision and high quality of molds and dies, and succeeded in reduction of delivery time and cost. We are proud that these measures have helped us as a driving force to heighten the Japanese position of processing and fabrication industries of the world.

In the future, we would like to accomplish the established policy and build up deeper and wider knowledge to contribute to the development of industries and support the creative society of the 21st century.
To accomplish these targets, we reached the conclusion of reorganization.
Under these circumstances, the association renamed “Japan Die and Mold Industry Association,”on 1 July 1994, as a national center of the Japanese mold and die industry leading the world. We intend to support the development of die and mold industry and related industries. Also, we contribute to the prosperity of economy and raise the standard of living in this country.

Official Name Japan Die & Mold Industry Association (JaDMA)
Office Location 6F Kanagata Nenkin Bldg. 33-12, Yushima ,2-Chome, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-0034, Japan
Establishment November, 1957
Members Regular Member:421 (As of March 2020)
Description of Operation 1.Work as a general consultant
Japan Die and Mold Industry Association provides information about technology development and significant changes of market demands. JaDMA also serves as a general consultant in secure funds, human resources, and practical guidance for financial and labor managements.

2.Open lectures and forums
・Technical training of CAD/CAM and system development.
・Opening international technical training and forums.
・Improvement of members' technology level and mutual technology exchange.

3.Cope with internationalization to show a leading power
・Keeping high international evaluation of the Japanese die and mold technology.
・Promotion of exports and alleviation of trade frictions.
・Technological cooperation with developing countries.
・Build up cooperative relationship with die and mold associations in the world.
・Exchange technology and information among die and mold associations in the world.

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Japan Die&Mold Industry Association 6F Kanagata Nenkin Bldg. 33-12, Yushima ,2-Chome, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-0034, Japan
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