Company info

Company Name Futaba Corporation
Head Office 629 Oshiba, Mobara, Chiba Prefecture 297- 8588, Japan
Branch Office/Factory Kunshan,Shenzhen,Hong Kong,Shanghai,Tianjin,Incheon,Hwaseong-si,Ho Chi Minh,Chachoengsao
Tel +81-475-24-1111
Fax +81-475-23-1346
Web site
President Hiroshi Sakurada
Established February 3, 1948
Capital 22,558 million yen
Employee 5,516 on consolidated basis


Plastic Molds, Stamping die, Others

Category of Use

Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Electronics, Industry, Others

End Product

Mold base,Die sets,Finished plate


By standardizing the components for die & mold , we have contributed to the quick delivery of the production mold.
In addition, we also product custom-made products with high accuracy.

Dealing Results

Standard Mold base

Standard Die sets

Mold parts

Die set parts

Finished plate

Custom-made Product

Custom-made Product

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