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Company Name AB System Co.,Ltd.
Office Location Daiichi-kogyo-danchi, Izumizaki, Nishi-shirakawa-gun, Fukushima 969-0101
Tel 0248-54-1010
Fax 0248-53-4393
URL http://www.absystem.co.jp/
E-mail www-info@absystem.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Shiro Tanaka
Category of business Sales agent of CAD/CAM system
Feature AB System, which has tooling houses in its group, develops and sells CAD/CAM system. We provide not only superior cost-performed CAD/CAM system but also on-line remote-support service. Our technical support representatives always try to understand users' questions as a user's standpoint. In addition, we can test Toolpath and Post-Processer with our 5-axes CNC machining center to verify CAM data.
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Company Name DAIDO DM Solutions
Office Location 152, 3-chome, Hino, Daito-shi, Osaka 574-0062
Tel 072-871-8601
Fax 072-871-9580
URL http://www.amistar.co.jp/
Name of representative CEO
Yoshihiro Yoshikawa
Category of business
Feature DAIDO DM Solutions is a member of Daido Steel Co.,Ltd. which is the top maker of special steel. We provide plate, heat treatment and machining service in the world.
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Company Name DAIDO STEEL CO., LTD.
Office Location Urbannet Nagoya Building, 1-10, Higashisakura 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 461-8581
Tel 052-963-7501
Fax 052-963-4386
URL http://www.daido.co.jp/
Name of representative CEO
Tsuyoshi Takayama
Category of business Special Steel
Feature AN UNYIELDING PRESENCE DIADO STEEL CO.,LTD. is one of the world's largest specialty steel producers. The 39 consolidated subsidiaries of the DAIDO STEEL GROUP generate more than half of their sales from specialty steel materials. These materials are used to fabricate automobiles, PCs and many other consumer products as well as for industrial applications in such fields as energy, aerospace and transportation. Expertise extends to the manufacture of key specialty steel components used in automobiles, industrial machinery and electronics equipment and of fusion incineration furnaces.
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Company Name Data Design Co., Ltd.,
Office Location Head office:3-6-27, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi,460-0002 EBS building 8 F
Tel 81 52 (953) 1588
  Tokyo office:81 52 (953) 1588
Fax 81 52 (953) 1502
  Tokyo office:81 52 (953) 1502
URL http://www.datadesign.co.jp
E-mail sales@datadesign.co.jp
Name of representative Representative director
Okamura Takanori
Category of business CAD/CAM-related manufacture support tool sale Software development and consulting, and after [introduction] support business
Feature -
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Company Name Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Office Location Seavans N-kan,1-2-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8614
Tel 03-5765-4000
Fax 03-5765-8311
URL http://www.hitachi-metals.co.jp/
E-mail hmcc@po.hitachi-metals.co.jp
Name of representative COO
Nobuo Mochida
Category of business Special Steel for die and mold
Feature Hitachi Metals' high-quality specialty steels will fulfill the wide range demands of mamufactural industries for die and mold.
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Company Name Hitachi Metals Tool Steel,Ltd.
Office Location Across Shinkawa Bldg. 8-8, 1-chome,Shinkawa,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0033
Tel 03-5541-8201
Fax 03-3555-8086
URL http://www.hitachi-metals-ts.co.jp/
E-mail ml-info-2006A@hitachi-metals-ts.co.jp
Name of representative President
Hiroshi Ashida
Category of business Die Materials,Heat Treament,Surface Treatment
Feature Hitachi Metals Tool Steel,Ltd.is the biggest sales company of tool steel in Japan.Selling wide range of tool steels,we also provide heat treatment,surface treatment,and machined products such as die casting sleeves.
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Company Name Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.
Office Location SEAVANS North Building, 1-2-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023
Tel 03-3615-5471
Fax 03-3615-5498
URL http://www.hitachi-tool.co.jp/
Name of representative CEO
Makoto Takeuchi
Category of business Cutting tools
Feature Hitachi Tool is a general tool manufacturer that creates and provides tools for wide variety of use based on research on leading raw materials and advanced engineering. We are the sole tool manufacturer among Hitachi group and a leader of the industry as well, enjoying the top market share in Japan for our representative tool "End Mill".
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Company Name Homma Machinery Co., Ltd.
Office Location 7-2, 3-chome, Tagawa, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0027
Tel 06-6309-8881
Fax 06-6309-8887
URL http://www.homma-machinery.co.jp/j/top/index-2.htm
E-mail homma@sage.ocn.ne.jp
Name of representative CEO
Yoshiro Honma
Category of business Double-Column Machining Centers, Simaltaneous 5-Axis Control Dolumn Machining Centers, Gantry Type 4-Axis Turning and Machining Centers.
Feature We can supply a most suitable large-size/special-purpose Mother-Machine based on our unique design/technique being developed during our long experience, which car meet to requirements from machining-sites. We can contribute to more rationalization and improvement in the field of molds-industry.
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Company Name INDEX. CO.,LTD.
Office Location 27-3, Asahi2, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama 332-0001
Tel 048-226-6551
Fax 048-226-6553
URL http://www.index-j.co.jp/
E-mail haruyama@index-j.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Teruhito Ishii
Category of business Standard parts manufacturers for dies & molds
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Company Name ISHII. CO.,LTD.
Office Location 5-4-13, Takabayashi, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 430-0907
Tel 053-472-9552
Fax 053-476-5607
URL http://www.ishii.co.jp/
E-mail info@ishii.co.jp
Name of representative Die & Mold parts
Category of business
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Office Location 10-4, Toyo 4-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016
Tel 03-5683-2331
Fax 03-5683-2330
URL http://www.dme.co.jp/company.html
E-mail mail@dme.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Syuichi Kaneko
Category of business Designing & Manufacturing of Hot runner system with various controllers, Mold components
Feature JADME focuses on sales for various kinds of Hot Runner System that are required from all industry and have higher additional values with a rotating cycle including designing, manufacturing, assembling and after sales service.
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Office Location 2-1-8, Bijogi-higashi, Toda-shi, Saitama 335-0032
Tel 048-422-8111
Fax 048-422-8116
URL http://www.nikkata.co.jp/
Name of representative CEO
Yoshio Muta
Category of business
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Company Name Japan Tool & Die Co.,Ltd.
Office Location 5-27-1, Nishi-kamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0051
Tel 03-3733-6311
Fax 03-3736-5300
URL http://www.jtdtky.co.jp/
E-mail jtd@jtdtky.co.jp
Name of representative President
Masahiko Shionome
Category of business Mold & Die Components
Feature Sales & Engineering of Mold & Die Components(Domestic or Imported)
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Company Name JTEKT Corporation
Office Location 1-7, 5-Chome, Meieki-minami, Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 450-0003
Tel 0566-25-5111
Fax 0566-25-5470
URL http://www.jtekt.co.jp/
Name of representative President
Kohshi Yoshida
Category of business metal die machining center
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Company Name KAMAYA
Office Location 8-21, Chubu, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie 510-0082
Tel 0593-51-1125
Fax 0593-51-1050
URL http://www.kamaya-net.co.jp/
E-mail machine@kamaya-net.co.jp
Name of representative Representative director
Masaaki Yamamoto
Category of business
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Company Name Kanematsu KGK Corp.
Office Location 1-6, Sakuradai 1-chome, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-8510
Tel 03-3557-2101
Fax 03-3557-2230
URL http://www.kgk-j.co.jp/
E-mail t-iijima@kgk-j.co.jp
Name of representative President
Ikufumi Sakata
Category of business Machine Tools Distributor, Domestic & Imported machine tool
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Company Name KANZAKI MFG. Co.,Ltd.
Office Location 18-11, Kanamachi 1-chome, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-0042
Tel 03-3627-3511
Fax 03-3627-3514
URL http://www.kanzakimfg.co.jp/
E-mail koji@kanzakimfg.co.jp
Name of representative Representative director
Otozo Kanzaki
Category of business Molding parts
Feature Since 1957, when our company was established for the purpose to contribute in the field of the molds industries for the plastic products, we have devoted all our efforts to provide a high -quality, a high precisionas well as low cost with our expressed motto being to furnish the mold parts for our clients.
 In this period when the prastic industries have been developed splendidly and preceeded our company also steadily increased and grown-up.
 This is due entirely to the wide support of our clients, whom we have to and have appreciating. For the wide diversify of the needs, we will do our best to modernize the machines and equipements, develop a creative power technology and technics.
 In this, we sincerely hope to recieve your further supports and patronages.
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Company Name KATO Machine Tools Co.,Ltd.
Office Location 2-10-6, Matsubara, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi 460-0017
Tel 052-331-8013
Fax 052-332-1093
URL info@katomchn.co.jp
E-mail info@katomchn.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Yukihiro Kato
Category of business A sale of Machine Tools, CAD/CAM, FA instrument
Feature we are a selling agent of japanese machine tool company CAD/CAM company. Please, consult us anything about FA.
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Company Name KODAMA Corporation
Office Location Center-minami SKY Bldg.4F 3-1 Chigasaki-chuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 224-0032
Tel 045-949-1331
Fax 045-949-1515
URL http://www.kodamacorp.co.jp/
E-mail sales@kodamacorp.co.jp
Name of representative Representative director
Hiroyuki Kodama
Category of business Consultation and systems integration of CAD/CAM, CIM related industries
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Office Location 2-1-14, Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0012
Tel 06-6532-6151
Fax 06-6531-1125
URL http://www.koyamasteel.co.jp/koyamasteel/
E-mail kayamakouzai@koyamasteel.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Tousuke Koyama
Category of business
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Company Name KURAKI CO.,LTD
Office Location 2-6-10, Bakuro-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0002
Tel 03-5651-1021
Fax 03-5651-1022
URL http://www.kuraki.co.jp/
E-mail mypactokyo@kuraki.co.jp
Name of representative President
Akio Fujikawa
Category of business Machine Tools, Industrial Machines, CAD/CAM system
Feature MYPAC CAD/CAM systems which supports a serial operation from designing to machining based on our technical knowledge and much deliverd as a results of our machine tools building experience.
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Company Name Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd
Office Location 3-19 Nakane 2-chome,Meguro-ku,Tokyo 152-8578
Tel 03-3717-1151
Fax 03-3723-4621
URL http://www.makino.co.jp
E-mail info@makino.co.jp
Name of representative President/CEO
Jiro Makino
Category of business Machine tool
Feature Manufacture, sale and export of machining centers, NC electrical discharge machines, NC milling machines, milling machines, cutter & tool grinding machines, CAD/CAM systems, FMS and other products
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Company Name Marubeni Solutions Corp.
Office Location 3-12-18,Shizuya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0002
Tel 03-5778-8591
Fax 03-5778-8579
URL http://www.marubeni-sys.com/english/index.html
E-mail yasuhiko_kishimoto@msol.co.jp
Name of representative President
Yoji Ibuki
Category of business CADCAM System Sales & Support
Feature Our Company Sale and Support CAD CAM system, 3-D Digitizer, Rapid Prot typing System for the Manufacturing Company.
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Company Name MELDAS System Engineering Corporation
Office Location Meleki4-8-10(Shirakawa daisan building)Nakamura-ku,Nagoya,Japan
Tel 81-52-586-2720
Fax 81-52-581-0997
URL http://www.meldas.co.jp
E-mail soumu@meldas.co.jp
Name of representative Shotaro Fukuda
Category of business engineering trading company
Feature Wholesale of Electric Machines,Systems engineering and sells,such as van'ous Machine builder's products and an information processing product including the industrial mechatronics product of Mitsubishi Electric.
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Company Name Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Office Location Tokyo Building, 2-7-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8310
Tel 03-3218-6540
Fax 03-3218-6822
URL http://www.diax-net.com/
E-mail Minoru.ueda2@hg.melco.co.jp
Name of representative President
Tamotsu Nomaguchi
Category of business Development,Production and Sales of Industry Automation, Building Systems, Home Electrics
Feature (Main Products) Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, CAD/CAM
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Office Location 20F, Sphere Tower Tennoz, 2-2-8, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002
Tel 03-5715-3311
Fax 03-5715-3916
URL http://www.mitsuiseiki.co.jp/
E-mail webmaster@mitsuiseiki.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Kouichi Iwakura
Category of business Precision Machine Tool, Precision Metal Forming Machines, Measuring Machine, Air Compressors
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Office Location 4-5-6 Minatomachi Handa-shi, Aichi 475-0823
Tel 0569-23-5885
Fax 0569-23-5974
URL http://www.ngk-fine-molds.co.jp/
E-mail info@ngk-fine-molds.co.jp
Name of representative President
Kenji Yamaguchi
Category of business Plastic molds/Injection molds/For transportation products
Feature ●NGK FINE MOLDS,INC.is recognized as the Japanese foremost company in the design and manufacture of molds for the plastics molding industry of automotive industry.
●NGK FINE MOLDS specialize in design and manufacture of moulds for the interior car trim such as Door, Pillar and Seat Shield etc...
●NGK FINE MOLDS are major suppliers to Toyata, Honda, Nissan and other market leaders world-wide.
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Company Name Nihon Unisys Excelutions, Ltd.
Office Location R Bldg. 3F, Shinjuku, 33-8 Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0056
Tel 03-5287-7501
Fax 03-5287-7680
URL http://www.excel.co.jp/
Name of representative President
Toshiro Yamamoto
Category of business System Development, Sales & Service of NUL propriety CAD/CAM System
Feature CADCEUS covers the full-range of CAD/CAM/CAE such as the design, analysis, prototype and NC. Main target of CADCEUS is the automobile, precision works and mechatronics fields. CADCEUS has been highly appreciated as the 3D CAD/CAM/CAE system by the press and mold-die engineers. CADCEUS has provided the flexible environment as the hybrid modeler which handles with solid, surface and wire model.
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Office Location 6-2-5, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Tel 03-3835-2111
Fax 03-3836-5590
URL http://www.noboru-steel.co.jp/
E-mail noboru@noboru-steel.co.jp
Name of representative President
Satohiko Mikami
Category of business Steel for plastic molds, Press dies, Heat treatment, Machine processing, etc..
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Office Location 7-37-10, Nishikamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-8601
Tel 03-5711-5300
Fax 03-5711-5370
URL http://www.nttd-es.co.jp
Name of representative President
Keiji Takeuchi
Category of business We provide total solution around 3D solid CAD/CAM system "Space-E "
Feature We provide total solution around 3D Solid CAD/CAM system“Space-E”
●「Space-E/Modeler」 Hybrid Surface/Solid Modeler
●「Space-E/CAM」 Intelligent CAM that generates NC data automatically by supporting machining process design
●「Space-E/SolidCAM」 2.5 dimensions processing CAM
●「Space-E/Mold」 Injection Mold Design Aid System
●「Space-E/Assist」 Structure analysis system for Die and Mold
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Office Location 4444, Ikebe-cho, Tsuduki-ku, Yokohama-shi 243-0801 Uchida Bldg 2F
Tel 045-929-0311
Fax 045-929-0313
URL http://www.okamoto.co.jp/
E-mail okaeikan@hg.okamoto.co.jp
Name of representative President
Nukio Nishimoto
Category of business Machine Tools
Regular member list ▲
Office Location 8-10, Kita-Itami, Itami, Hyogo 664-0831
Tel 06-6376-6611
Fax 06-6376-4388
URL http://www.okk.co.jp/
E-mail eigibu@okk.co.jp
Name of representative President
Takao Doi
Category of business Machine Tools, Textile Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Water Meters
Feature Aiming at automation and savings in labor and energy, we continue to meet the challenge of making machine tools custom tailored for the user.
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Company Name Okuma Corporation
Office Location 5-25-1, Shimokoguchi, Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi 480-0193
Tel 0587-95-7823
Fax 0587-95-4091
URL http://www.okuma.co.jp/
Name of representative CEO
Junro Kashiwa
Category of business Machine-Tool Builder
Feature Just a century has passed since Okuma was established. Today, we find ourselves proud to have had a part in industrial development and deeply grateful for your unfailing support through the years. Times have changed in industry. As the Information Age moves ahead, we will continue to commit ourselves completely to building the matrix machines for manufacturing in keeping with three key concerns: adding value through ever higher levels of technology, coping with the ongoing sophistication of information, and caring deeply about people and environmental issues. In all of this, we shall do our utmost to create the most innovative means of production possible with our field-proven combination of high-tech machine and control technologies.
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Office Location 3-22 Honnogahara, Toyokawa-city, Aichi 442-8543
Tel 0533-82-1111
Fax 0533-82-1131
URL http://www.osg.co.jp/
E-mail cs-info@osg.co.jp
Name of representative Presiden
Norio Ishikawa
Category of business Cutting tools, Forming dies, Measuring tools
Feature The Global Scale of OSG Operations:
OSG is celebrating its role as a truly ""Global Company"". OSG strives to be the worl'd leading tool company by providing superior cutting tool technology, experience, and quality in 1962-a time when globalization was still no popular among Japanese industries-OSG began overseas activities by opening an office in the United States. In the following 39 years, OSG's business has expanded both in Japan and throughout the world. We now have 22 distribution offices spread across North America, South America and Asia and we have recently accelerated our efforts in Europe. In order to become the 21st century's premier tool supplier, we must continuously pay close attention to the needs of every customers. Furthermore, OSG's ambitious business vision is matched by a steadfast dedication to the welfare of all employees.
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Company Name Pathtrace Japan Ltd.
Office Location 14-2, Takehashi-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 453-0016
Tel 052-453-5675
Fax 052-452-3587
URL http://www.pathtrace.jp/
E-mail info@pathtrace.jp
Name of representative CEO
Kazuo Imahori
Category of business Import and sales of 3D CAD/CAM
Feature Pathtrace Japan is established as a Japanese joint company with Pathtrace Engineering Systems(UK), who develops 3D CAD/CAM systems and sells them to worldwide market. We Pathtrace Japan import 3D CAD/CAM systems and localize software including Japanese language translations and developments of enhancement. We have been dealing PC based CAD/CAM systems through our distributors all over Japan for many years. We are proud of our company as a specialist of CAD/CAM systems for Mould and Die machining.
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Office Location 9F Meisantakahama-Bldg, 2-12-23,Minatominami, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075
Tel 03-3474-8007
Fax 03-3450-8744
URL http://www.punch.co.jp/
E-mail info_jp@punch.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Yuji Morikubo
Category of business Standard components for PLASTIC MOLD, PRESS DIE and FACTORY AUTOMATION.
Feature PUNCH INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a leading company in manufacturing precision components for mold and dies. We will continue to serve our customers throughout the world by producing products of the highest precision and quality.
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Office Location Gotonda Metarion Bldg
Tel 03-3449-3771
Fax 03-3449-3774
URL http://www.reverse.co.jp
E-mail kobayashi@reverse.co.jp
Name of representative PRESIDENT
Fujio Kobayashi
Category of business
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Office Location D11,1-3,Nakase,Mihama-ku,Chiba-shi,Chiba 261-8501
Tel 043-350-4811
Fax 043-350-4812
URL http://www.saeilo.co.jp
E-mail webmaster@saeilo.co.jp
Name of representative PRESIDENT
Hideyuki Oshima
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Office Location 2-17-6, Higashi-sakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-0005
Tel 052-931-3355
Fax 052-932-3868
URL http://www.sanei-trading.co.jp/gaiyou.html
E-mail info@san-ei.obicnet.ne.jp
Name of representative President
Masanori Goto
Category of business Sales of machine tools and auxiliary equipment for machine tools
Feature San-Ei Trading Co.,Ltd. located in the central Japan, has been taking a role of machine tools distribution last 50 years. As we break into 21st century, we are determined to remain on the very cutting edge of technology (and information).
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Office Location 4-1-25, Jingu, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya 456-8691
Tel 052-679-1610
Fax 052-679-1611
URL http://www.sanritsu.co.jp/
E-mail san028@sanritsu.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Hitoshi Kato
Category of business
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Company Name SESCOI K.K.
Office Location Kamiya-cho Plaza Bldg. 3・4F, 4-1-14, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
Tel 03-3578-0025
Fax 03-3578-0026
URL http://www.sescoi.co.jp/
E-mail info@sescoi.co.jp
Name of representative General manager
Syuichi Maeda
Category of business
Feature Sescoi? was founded in 1987 with a focus on automatic manufacturing software solutions. From its inception, Sescoi has striven to provide the mold, die and tool industries with software solutions that are easy to learn, exceptionally reliable, automatic, and perform well on most common workstations and PC's.
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Company Name SODICK CO.,LTD.
Office Location 3-12-1, Nakamachidai, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 224-8522
Tel 045-942-3111
URL http://www.sodick.co.jp/
Name of representative President
Kazuo Kato
Category of business Machine-tool manufacturing and sales
Feature CNC die-sinker EDM, CNC wire EDM, CNC high-speed small hole drilling EDM, CNC and power supply devices, High speed precision Milling Center, Nano-level precision machines, Electron beam machines, CAD/CAM system designed for mold makers, Engineering ceramics, Linear motors for machine tool and industrial production machines
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Company Name STOLZ corporation
Office Location 9-7-14,Kamikita Hiranoku Osaka Japan 547-0001
Tel 06-6795-6717
Fax 06-6795-6718
URL http://www.stolz.jp/
E-mail hiramatsu@stolz.jp
Name of representative Osamu.Hiramatsu
Category of business Lifting Systems
Feature We are selling RUD(Germany) products.
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Company Name SUNSEIKI CO.,LTD.
Office Location 1-2004, Turugasawa, Midori-ku, Nagoya 458-0814
Tel 052-878-4765
Fax 052-878-4770
URL http://www.sunseiki.co.jp
E-mail webmaster@sunseiki.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Toshihide Wakimura
Category of business
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Office Location 11F Marunouchi chuou-Bldg,1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Tel 03-3214-4116
Fax 03-5222-7465
URL http://www.suzuki-metal.co.jp/
E-mail tanimura@suzuki-metal.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Katsuyuki Shibata
Category of business Manufacturing and Sales of Electrode Wire for The Wire EDM, Stainless Steel Wires, Music Spring Wires and Oil Tempered Wires.
Feature SUZUKI SPWire is electrode wire for super precision processing developed on the basis of steel wire manufacturing technology developed out of long experience as a manufacturer of steel wire. It is an ultrahigh performance electrode wire, designed for super precision processing, which provides both excellent strength and straigthness replacing both molybdenim wire and tungsten wire.
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Company Name System 3R Japan Co.,Ltd.
Office Location Kaki building, 2-5-22, Suido Bunkyo-ku, TOKYO 112-0005
Tel 03-5840-7383
Fax 03-5840-8723
URL http://www.system3r.com/
E-mail info@system3r.co.jp
Name of representative President
Minoru Ikeda
Category of business Reference system and Automation
Feature 3R Tooling System were used only for EDM past time. Demand for cost down is very hard recently. 3R Tooling System which has rigidity and accuracy has started to be used not only EDM but also Cutting, Grinding and Measuring machine to increase machining time and to decrease cost. To use 3R Automation System with 3R Tooling System is more effective against the demand of cost cut.
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Company Name TECHNO solutions Corp.
Office Location Nishishinjuku 1-16-6, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Tel 03-5326-7560
Fax 03-5326-7561
URL http://www.t-sol.co.jp/
E-mail ohmayu@t-sol.co.jp
Name of representative President
Hiroshi Ohmayu
Category of business CAD/CAM/PDM system, SI vender
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Office Location 2-158, Nakashima, Shimo-obari, Komaki, Aichi 485-0051
Tel 0568-71-8821
Fax 0568-71-8850
URL http://www.wasino.co.jp/
E-mail satoshi.miura@wasino.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Category of business Sale and Maintenance of grinding and press machines
Feature The grinding machine of ultra-precision machining is tied up with the top user of the industry, and is developed. High evaluation is obtained for high precision and high productivity.
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Company Name teito co.,ltd.
Office Location 36-6, Kumanomae, Narumicho, Midori-ku, Nagoya 458-0801
Tel 052-878-0130
Fax 052-878-0132
URL http://teito.com/
E-mail info@teito.com
Name of representative Representative director
Akira Shikita
Category of business
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Company Name Tokyo Hatsujyo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Office Location 27-3, Kamata 4-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0052
Tel 03-3732-4111
Fax 03-3732-4119
URL http://www.tohatsu-springs.co.jp/
E-mail tohatsu@tohatsu-springs.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Takeshi Arai
Category of business Die springs
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Company Name Uddeholm KK
Office Location Atago East-Bldg, 3-16-11, Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003
Tel 03-5473-4641
Fax 03-5473-7691
URL http://www.uddeholm.co.jp/
E-mail info@uddeholm.co.jp
Name of representative CEO
Yasunori Manabe
Category of business Materials for dies and molds
Feature A subsidiary of Bohler Uddeholm group, the world biggest special steel maker based in Europe. In Japan, high quality swedish steels are mainly sold.
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Company Name UMETOKU CO.,LTD.
Office Location 3-7, Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8377
Tel 06-6374-3352
Fax 06-6376-2314
URL http://www.umetoku.co.jp/
Name of representative President
Masahiko Fukushima
Category of business
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Company Name Vero Japan KK
Office Location Kamiyacho Plaza Bldg. 3F, 4-1-14 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
Tel 03-6402-7391
Fax 03-6402-7397
URL http://www.verosoftware.com/
E-mail info@vero.co.jp
Name of representative Representive Director
Kji Watanabe
Category of business CAD/CAM
Feature We are providing CAD/CAM praducts and consultations for de makers.
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Company Name WAIDA MFG. CO.,LTD.
Office Location 2121, Katano-cho, Takayama, Gifu 506-0824
Tel 0577-32-0390
Fax 0577-37-0020
URL http://www.waida.co.jp/
E-mail info@waida.co.jp
Name of representative Representative director
Hideo Waida
Mitsuo Waida
Category of business
Feature We are a technique-orientated manufacturer of grinders rich in creativess and novelty under our management policies of "Meeting our customers' requirements", "Developing creative machines", and "Making continuous progress". We are manufacturing more precise and efficient grinders with more high quality in further pursuit of our core technique advancements of "grinding" and "precise machine manufacture" in our painstaking endeavours to tackle our tasks of super-precise processing and ultra-fine machining going with the times.
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Office Location 1160 Hamanaka, Satosho-cho, Okayama 719-0303
Tel 0865-64-2511
Fax 0865-64-4535
URL http://www.yasda.co.jp/
E-mail yasda@yasda.co.jp
Name of representative Representative director
Yukihiko Yasuda
Category of business Machine Tool Builder
Feature Now YASDA is developing a super-high-precision machining center of the highest level in the world, with the slogan "We aim for not the largest, but the highest." "Bearing preload self-adjusting" type spindle, "Thermal distortion stabilizing system" etc.,YASDA 's innovative new technologies enhance high precision machining to even higher levels and open up possibilities for a variety of new technologies for future generations.
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Office Location 2-3-16, Honjyonaka, Higashi-osaka-city, Osaka 578-0957
Tel 06-6744-8801
Fax 06-6744-8805
URL http://web.mac.com/yoshitsuguyasuda
E-mail yasuda.toku@sepia.ocn.ne.jp
Name of representative CEO
Yoshitsugu Yasuda
Category of business Machine manufacturing business of Plastic Mold Steel
Feature We have pleuty of stock and high quality materials which are under full knowledge of customer's needs. And, we have always aius "Most & More" by them.
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