2013.11.01"Request for quotation" is new!!

JaDMA has estblished "Request for quotation".
Go to "Quotation" and you can send request for quotation to JaDMA's member companies.
JaDMA will send your request to proper JaDMA's member in a business day.

2013.10.08Japan Die & Mold Industry Association will participate to a metalworking exhibition in the USA![2013.11.18~21]

For the fourth anniversary of Kanagata (Die&Mold) JAPAN Brand, the Japan Die & Mold Industry Association is going to run a booth at FABTECH2013,...
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2013.09.02The Japan Die & Mold Industry Association back from a networking mission in Taiwan

From the 28th to the 31st of August 2013, several member companies of the Japan Die & Mold Industry Association (JaDMA) have been visiting Taiwan for a networking mission which consisted in participating to seminars,...
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2012.09.26Web Site Renewal

JaDMA has renewed the web site to achieve;...
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2012.09.21Participating Asia mold 2012

Exhibition Web site
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2012.04.01Activities 2012

Participating in Asia mold 2012 [2012/9/19-21]...
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2012.03.31Activities 2011

Business matching in Thailand & Singapore...
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2011.03.31Activities 2010

JaDMA Member Hearing [2010/05-2010/07]...
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